At Legacy, we understand everyone learns differently and we try and ensure the learning process suits everyone

Facts about Our LEGACY

  • Over 500 active students
    Over 500 active students
  • 100+ weekly classes
    100+ weekly classes
  • 6 levels of classes
    6 levels of classes
  • 8+ qualified instructutors
    8+ qualified instructutors
  • 6 academies around australia
    6 academies around australia
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Benefits of training jiu jitsu

  • The World's Most Efficient Form of Self Defence
    EFFICIENCY Practice the world’s most efficient form ofself-defence
  • Learn in a family friendly environment
    RESPECT Become part of a family, learn in a respectful environment
  • Get in shape having fun and learn a life skill
    HEALTH Get in shape while having fun & learning a life skill
  • BJJ will teach you the most valuable skill: Solving problems fast under pressure
    MINDSET Learn how to problem solve under pressure