Our Legacy

“The only decision that can lead us to failure is the one we

never make. Success comes with always evolving and  moving

forward, so that we may leave behind our legacy.”

Legacy BJJ Academy was built and evolved on a foundation of dreams and a passion for the healthy lifestyle. We started from a few classes a week in a small space in Glebe and from there grew to become interstate. We pride ourselves on the team we have sewn together and harvest personal growth and self awareness with our focus on discipline and respect.


Many of our students have been with us for years and we have watched them grow and become strong Brazilian Jiu Jitsu practitioners. We have different programs to cater for different levels of Jiu Jitsu – from kids, beginners, intermediate, advanced and competitors.


“Dreams are always changing. In the beginning all I wanted was to be the best competitor – to have the most titles and medals. After some time it was my dream to compete alongside my students and my black belts and that dream was achieved some years ago. Today, my dream is for my team and my friends to be able to live the dream that I live now – which is to live the BJJ lifestyle and grow with Legacy. We are achieving this everyday, every month and every year we are getting closer to this vision.”


Thiago Braga

Founder/Black Belt


Thiago Headshot_Edit

3rd Degree Black Belt
Founder of Legacy
Training since 1998

Thiago Braga

Head Coach/ Founder

2nd Degree Black Belt
Training since 1999

Lucas Santana

Black Belt

8th Degree Coral Belt in Judo
Training since 1965 (Judo)
Black Belt in BJJ since 2015

Goran Zuvela

Black Belt/ Judo Instructor

Training since 2006
Black Belt since 2015

Gustavo Santos

Black Belt

Black belt instructor
Training since 2006

Caio Tamura

Black Belt

Training since 2011
Purple Belt Instructor

Rafael Miyashiro

Purple Belt/ Kids Instructor

2nd Degree Black Belt
Gold Coast Instructor

Fabio Glazer

Gold Coast Instructor



We believe that the practice of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu is seen as a means to individual development and personal growth. Strength, self-awareness, respect, discipline and responsibility are common core values taught within our kid’s program.

Beginner Basics

Every new Jiu-Jitsu student deserves to start their BJJ journey with a strong foundation of basic techniques. This program teaches the core concepts of Jiu-Jitsu and basic techniques to help a new practitioner develop their skills and mind to prepare them for progression.


The fundamentals program is designed to introduce new students to the basic and essential concepts of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu – to help them understand the elemental movements of the martial arts so that they may develop a solid foundation and begin to build up skills to move forward to more advanced techniques.


The advanced program is designed for the Brazilian Jiu Jitsu student who is comfortable with the basics and fundamentals of Jiu Jitsu and wants to take their skill to the next level. The focus on this program is to learn to combine basic and complex techniques with a comprehensive strategy.

No Gi

The No Gi program is offered in both fundamental and advanced classes. Students will have the opportunity to learn grappling techniques that have been modified for the instances where there is no gi. This style of technique gives the student another perspective to Jiu-Jitsu which in time will broaden their strategy all round.

Mat Etiquette

While we are here to enjoy our training and have fun, we must remember it is a Martial Art, and as such

must show respect to the academy, other students, and teachers who are imparting their knowledge.


Gi’s clean & dry, fingernails trimmed, hair

tied back and clean. No Jewellery. This is

to prevent injuries and spread of infection.

Show Respect

Bow before stepping on the mat, to show

respect to the gym, and ready your mind for

training. No swearing or profanities on the mats.

Be On Time

Show up a few minutes early to sessions to

change and prepare yourself for training.

Please ensure your phone is off or on silent.

On The Mat

On the mat we train, and focus. Drink lots of fluids

2 hrs before class and use the bathroom before

hand. Do not leave the mats without permission.

Self Awareness

Maintain good posture on the mat.

Remember we are in training, not at the beach.

Stand straight, or sit with a straight back.

Crowded Classes

During crowded training sessions, senior

belts have right of way, if you are in the way

in sparring sessions, make room for them.

Keep Mats Clean

We often have our faces on mats, treat it like

your pillow on which you sleep. Keep your feet

clean at all times, wear shoes to the bathroom.


Give your opponent time to submit, when

you are caught in a submission, tap 3 times,

or verbally submit if your arms are trapped.

Have Fun

We are here to learn and progress, but

we are also here to enjoy and have fun.

Let’s always create a positive atmosphere.